Martijn van Exel

Salt Lake City, Utah | | @mvexel | +1 (385)212-4816 | US + Dutch citizen

Very experienced geospatial technologist. 15 years of OpenStreetMap experience, 20 years total in the geospatial industry across engineering and management positions.

I prefer in-person work over remote.


This is deliberately brief. Drop me a line and I'll happily tell you more about any part of my career.

Geospatial / OpenStreetMap Consultant

Self-employed / Kaart. 2022 -

Helping organizations (currently Meta) solve geospatial problems with OSM and open source software.

Project Founder and Maintainer

MapRoulette, 2013 -

MapRoulette is among the most widely used QA tools for OpenStreetMap, serving the volunteer community as well as some of the largest corporate users of OSM data. I came up with the original idea for the platform and developed the initial versions. Now serving as project lead.

Senior Product Manager

HERE Technologies, Berlin. 2021

Designed and created a new product portfolio based on open data. Worked with engineering, product marketing, sales and senior leadership to establish go-to-market strategy, revenue projections and platform content delivery infrastructure.

Product Manager

TomTom, Amsterdam. 2019 - 2021

Worked with engineering teams and founding members of OpenStreetMap on new tooling aimed at accelerating internal map building. Deployed and improved upon an existing open source platform for map quality assurance. Developed new big data analysis and visualization pipeline. See TomTom blog for an example of work.

OpenStreetMap Engineering

Telenav, Sunnyvale. 2012 - 2019

Played key technical and management roles in the multi-year effort to build the first OpenStreetMap-based in-vehicle navigation. Designed internal map QA pipeline. Set up industry-first OSM editing team. Developed relevant data standards together with OSM community. Gained significant community traction for OpenStreetCam, a crowdsourced street-level imagery platform we developed: 200+ million images contributed in the first 2 years.

Adjunct GIS Instructor

University of Utah, Salt Lake City. 2012

Designed and taught a hybrid online/classroom GIS course covering intermediate and advanced GIS analysis topics. Introduced aspects of open source GIS.

Geospatial R&D Engineer

Geodan, Amsterdam. 2005 - 2011

Created prototypes and proofs-of-concept based on emerging technologies such as touch interfaces and open source software. Helping develop EU-wide open standards for geospatial data.

Geospatial Application Engineer

Bridgis, Tiel. 2003 - 2005

Developed custom interactive GIS web applications.

Volunteer Work

Technical Skills

Python, Java, JavaScript, GDAL/OGR, QGIS, ArcGIS, OpenStreetMap, ETL process design, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, SQL, AWS, Azure, git SCM, CI / CD, TDD.


Speaking and Publications