Martijn van Exel

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I am Martijn van Exel. My usual internet handle is mvexel. I am not very active on social media; if you want to hear back, it's best to email me at Other places on the internet where I publish things:

If you're in the Salt Lake City area, find me at one of the meetups I organize: the Remote Worker's Lunch Hour (irregular) and OpenStreetMap Utah (monthly). Or drop me a line, I'm always interested in meeting new people.

Here's how to pronounce my name. Why is "van" lower case?

Work / Hiring me

I am a freelance geospatial consultant and occasional developer with 20+ years in the industry in engineering, management and product roles. I've helped some of the largest technology companies in the world understand and implement geospatial data and technology. I'm here to help you! I currently work full-time as a senior software engineer at Geosite.